A 2024-01#

a. Entry Groups


A Ledger Entry can now be marked as a member of a Ledger Entry Group. This allows you to keep track of the impact of multi-step financial workflows on Ledger Account balances for reconciliation workflows.

Learn more about Entry Groups here.

b. Ledger designer


You can now design and store Schemas directly in the dashboard. No need to write JSON or install the Fragment CLI.

c. Small improvements

  • You can now lookup multiple entries using the in operator. See the docs.
  • The billing tab in the dashboard should now show invoices in all of your workspaces, not just production.
  • If an API client token is expired, you will now receive a Not Authorized error response.
  • We optimized latency when retrieving txId when listing Ledger Lines.
  • We removed a limitation of 200 non-template Ledger Accounts in a Schema.
  • Retrieving a non-existent template Ledger Account now returns a BadRequestError instead of an InternalError.
B 2023-12-19#

a. Entry Conditions on any Ledger Account


Ledger Entries now support conditions on any strongly consistent Ledger Account, including those not posted to in the Ledger Entry.

See Entry conditions.

C 2023-11-30#

a. Ledger Entry Tags


Ledger Entries now support up to 10 tags to store arbitrary key-value pairs. You can define tags in your Schema, at runtime or both.

See Store metadata.

D 2023-10-17#

a. Reconciliation Queries


You can now query Links, External Accounts and Txs in the API and view them in the Dashboard.

See Reconcile transactions.

E 2023-10-03#

a. List Query Consistency


You can now configure the consistency of Ledger Entry and Ledger Line list queries.

See Configure consistency.

F 2023-09-29#

a. New Docs Site


The docs have been completely re-written for greater clarity and to reflect the latest features. The new docs site is also faster and easier to navigate.

G 2023-08-11#

a. Entry Conditions


Ledger Entries now support conditions. You can use these for concurrency control and to enforce correctness.

See Configure consistency.

H 2023-07-19#

a. New Dashboard


The Dashboard is now faster and easier to navigate.

I 2023-06-28#

a. Status Page


FRAGMENT now has a status page that provides visibility into the health of the system.

J 2023-03-29#
K 2023-03-20#

a. Ledger Schemas


FRAGMENT now supports managing a Ledger with a declarative Schema. This new workflow involves a CLI, a JSON file checked into your system, and more seamless Ledger Account management.

This workflow upgrades the FRAGMENT developer experience and it's recommended all new users build with Schemas. For current users who are not managing their Ledgers with a Schema, your existing functionality will continue to work.

To get started, visit Design Your Ledger.

L 2022-12-20#

a. multi Currency Mode


Ledger Accounts now support two currency modes: single and multi. When using the multi currency mode, Ledger Accounts support posting lines in different currencies and have a balance for each currency.

See Multi-currency.

M 2022-11-14#

a. S3 Data Export


You can now export Ledger data to Amazon S3. See Export Data for details.