A 2024-06#

a. Projects


Projects are a Schema and all the data created using it.

Alongside Projects the updated Dashboard includes:

  • A revamped ledger design experience with new ways to view, edit and simulate Schemas
  • A new summary view that efficiently shows current balances across your entire ledger
  • Workspace settings are now a modal so you can access them from any page
  • Dark mode support for late night debugging sessions

b. Small improvements

  • gen-graphql CLI command supports a --output-file-per-query flag. This makes the generated files compatible with GraphQL SDKs like graphql-kotlin
  • Improved throughput on reconcileTx calls
  • Improved reliability on control plane mutations while the underlying database is auto-scaling
  • Improved throughput on OAuth access token creation endpoint
B 2024-05#

a. SDKs


You can now call FRAGMENT using one of our SDKs in TypeScript, Go, and Ruby.

import {
} from '@fragment-dev/node-client';

const fragment = createFragmentClient({
  params: {
    clientId: "<Client ID>",
    clientSecret: "<Client Secret>",
    apiUrl: "<API URL>",
    authUrl: "<OAuth URL>",
    scope: "<OAuth Scope>",

// Verify the SDK is authenticated by retrieving
// the workspace
const { workspace } = await fragment.getWorkspace();
console.log('Workspace Name:', workspace.name);

The SDKs come with:

  • a set of built-in operations that cover the most common use cases
  • the ability to add operations to the SDK that are specific to your Schema
  • automated codegeneration for custom GraphQL queries.

Read our docs to learn more about setting up the SDKs.

b. Small improvements

  • Download your Schema using the get-schema CLI command
  • Run fragment workspace using the CLI to view which workspace you're authenticated to
  • The Ledger Designer in the dashboard now supports undo operations
  • You can now query dashboardUrl on a Ledger, Link, and LedgerEntry.
  • Ledger Entries can now be added to a Group after they are posted. Read the docs to learn more.
C 2024-04#

a. Scenes


Scenes replace the accounting scenarios and spreadsheets fintech teams use to design ledgers. As you design your Ledger, you can simulate the scenarios in your flow of funds to make sure you're recording things correctly.

b. Small improvements

  • You can now update the tags on a Ledger Entry with updateLedgerEntry
  • Added a fragment token command to the CLI to make it convenient to retrieve an auth token
  • You can now query childLedgerAccounts directly from the LedgerAccount type
  • Fixed a bug when filtering LedgerAccounts where filtering parentLedgerAccount using path was not being respected
  • You can filter accounts by path in the ledgerAccounts query
  • Points are now available as a built-in currency PTS
  • To help you test your Fragment integration, you can now force Fragment to return errors
  • Groups and Tags are now included in Data Exports
D 2024-03#

a. AI Ledger Design


You can now use the AI Ledger Design tool to generate a Schema. This tool uses AI to suggest a Schema, which you can use as a starting point for customizing your Schema.

This tool is in beta. Feel free to provide feedback on the suggestions you receive and reach out to us for support designing your Schema.

b. Small improvements

  • The Stripe Native Link now supports accounts connected via Stripe Connect
  • You can now reconcile multiple txs from multiple Linked Ledger Accounts in one reconcileTx call
  • Data exports now include historical data, rather than just data created after the export was started
  • Custom currencies are now supported in Schema simulations
  • In Schema edit mode, switching whether an account is linked automatically updates the tx parameter on related lines
  • Fixed a bug where parameters in Entry descriptions were not correctly validated
  • Improved page load times in the dashboard
  • Posting an Entry with invalid Group values will return a BadRequestError, not an InternalError
  • Evaluted expressions that contain two unary operators as a result of filling in parameters, such as -{{amount}}, where amount is negative, are now correctly evaluated
  • The maximum allowed size for a Schema has been doubled to 140 KB
  • Fragment Mono now supports Box Characters
E 2024-02#

b. Schema Flexibility

  • The Dashboard will now auto-save drafts of your Schema as you edit it
  • You can view and restore drafts from any point in time
  • You can now make backwards incompatible changes to a Schema without any Ledgers
  • Changing consistencyConfig on a Ledger Account is no longer a backwards incompatible change

c. Small improvements

  • fragment.dev and fragment.dev/docs now support dark mode
  • The docs now include a section on adding FRAGMENT as a Retool resource. Read more about it here
  • We've improved the error handling docs
  • S3 Data Exports no longer required a path prefix when onboarding
  • You can now query dashboardUrl on a Ledger Account
  • The CLI returns an exit code of 1 upon receiving a BadRequestError or InternalError from the API
  • Workspaces in the Dashboard are now sorted alphabetically
  • API Clients in the dashboard now show their API URL, OAuth URL and OAuth scope
  • Fixed a bug where error messages were not showing up when simulating a schema in the Dashboard
  • Fixed a bug in the Ledger Designer where keystrokes would occasionally overwrite themselves
  • The Dashboard now shows Workspace not found instead of Page load error when you try to access a workspace you don't have access to
F 2024-01#

a. Entry Groups


A Ledger Entry can now be marked as a member of a Ledger Entry Group. This allows you to keep track of the

impact of multi-step financial workflows on Ledger Account balances for reconciliation workflows.

Learn more about Entry Groups here.

b. Ledger designer


You can now design and store Schemas directly in the Dashboard. No need to write JSON or install the FRAGMENT CLI.

c. Small improvements

  • You can now lookup multiple entries using the in operator. See the docs.
  • The billing tab in the dashboard should now show invoices in all of your workspaces, not just production.
  • If an API client token is expired, you will now receive a Not Authorized error response.
  • We optimized latency when retrieving txId when listing Ledger Lines.
  • We removed a limitation of 200 non-template Ledger Accounts in a Schema.
  • Retrieving a non-existent template Ledger Account now returns a BadRequestError instead of an InternalError.
G 2023-12-19#

a. Entry Conditions on any Ledger Account


Ledger Entries now support conditions on any strongly consistent Ledger Account, including those not posted to in the Ledger Entry.

See Entry conditions.

H 2023-11-30#

a. Ledger Entry Tags


Ledger Entries now support up to 10 tags to store arbitrary key-value pairs. You can define tags in your Schema, at runtime or both.

See Store metadata.

I 2023-10-17#

a. Reconciliation Queries


You can now query Links, External Accounts and Txs in the API and view them in the Dashboard.

See Reconcile transactions.

J 2023-10-03#

a. List Query Consistency


You can now configure the consistency of Ledger Entry and Ledger Line list queries.

See Configure consistency.

K 2023-09-29#

a. New Docs Site


The docs have been completely re-written for greater clarity and to reflect the latest features. The new docs site is also faster and easier to navigate.

L 2023-08-11#

a. Entry Conditions


Ledger Entries now support conditions. You can use these for concurrency control and to enforce correctness.

See Configure consistency.

M 2023-07-19#

a. New Dashboard


The Dashboard is now faster and easier to navigate.

N 2023-06-28#

a. Status Page


FRAGMENT now has a status page that provides visibility into the health of the system.

O 2023-03-29#
P 2023-03-20#

a. Ledger Schemas


FRAGMENT now supports managing a Ledger with a declarative Schema. This new workflow involves a CLI, a JSON file checked into your system, and more seamless Ledger Account management.

This workflow upgrades the FRAGMENT developer experience and it's recommended all new users build with Schemas. For current users who are not managing their Ledgers with a Schema, your existing functionality will continue to work.

To get started, visit Design Your Ledger.

Q 2022-12-20#

a. multi Currency Mode


Ledger Accounts now support two currency modes: single and multi. When using the multi currency mode, Ledger Accounts support posting lines in different currencies and have a balance for each currency.

See Multi-currency.

R 2022-11-14#

a. S3 Data Export


You can now export Ledger data to Amazon S3. See Export Data for details.